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On behalf of SacredHand Canada (SHC), I express my deepest gratitude for your countless support of our mission to address food insecurity, homelessness, and domestic inequality in Canada and beyond. Your contributions have made a lasting impact on the lives of our beneficiaries. I am deeply inspired by your generosity!
 Through your support, we’ve been able to provide essential items and deliver provisions such as food, hot meals, clothing, hygiene supplies, medical assistance, shelter, funeral services, and financial support. Your generous contribution has brought comfort and support during their time of dire need while allowing them to navigate through their challenges with dignity and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.The impact of your funding can be seen in thousands of pounds of obtained food, prepared meals, survival kits, school supplies, breakfast clubs, sheltering, financial and medical support. Our emotional client stories reflect this. I’m incredibly proud of our collective achievements, and I remain committed to building a more just and equitable society.Together, we take pride in being part of the growing movement to address systemic hunger, homelessness, and domestic inequality locally and internationally. With your continued support, SHC promise to work towards creating a better future for those in need.

Rabia Shahid (Founder)

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We Rise by Lifting Others.

SacredHand Canada believes in a charitable model that includes obtaining the right aid, delivered to the right people, at the right time. Our vision is guided by Muslim principles of charity (Zakat), benevolence (Sadaqa) and love. We strive to achieve a value system that leaves no one behind.


SacredHand Canada is proud to report on the achievements faced by our organization in the past year. We’ve been approached by partner organizations like shelters and group homes expressing a dire need for food items and financial support. Our team immediately came together to plan a coordinated response to help meet demands for increased provisional aid and increased deliveries of food boxes and care-pack deliveries to deserving communities.

We have worked with several community-level organizations in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities to accelerate our important work of fighting domestic hunger and food insecurity in key geographic locations. With the help of generous donors and government funding, we were able to sort, organize and deliver 500 emergency relief baskets every week with the help of volunteer teams. Families of 3 to 7 individuals received these weekly provisions without fail, including fresh food and fruit baskets, non-perishables and essential household items.

SacredHand Canada has continued supporting thousands of diverse people in need both on a daily to weekly basis through our food bank warehouse and soup kitchen. With community support, we’ve even started supporting global impoverished communities experiencing extreme hunger. Over 1,000 individuals under Canada’s new Afghan refugee stream have been supported by SacredHand Canada. This includes supporting the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Canada. 

However, this year has also presented new challenges faced by marginalized Canadians, which we’re struggling to adapt to;

With renewed social issues and a growing clientele, we are grateful for the support. However, we also acknowledge that our work is not yet done. Much more is required to address domestic inequalities.
SacredHand Canada is committed to continuing our efforts to help those in need both locally and internationally