Zakat Calculator

Zakat calculator: Simplifying your Zakat calculation

Calculating your Zakat is a straightforward process that involves breaking down your assets into distinct categories. This systematic approach simplifies the Zakat calculation, distinguishing between Zakatable assets such as gold, silver, cash, savings, and business assets, and Deductible liabilities, encompassing money owed and other outgoing dues.

The determination of the Zakat amount hinges on the calculation of your net assets. Once this is ascertained, it is crucial to assess whether your net assets meet or exceed the Nisab threshold.

We acknowledge that navigating the Zakat calculation can be an intimidating task, potentially leading to confusion. To alleviate this concern, we offer a specialized advisory service during Ramadan, collaborating with a dedicated Zakat scholar. This service allows you to engage directly with a knowledgeable scholar through email or telephone, ensuring precise and tailored guidance for your Zakat calculation.


The nisab is the portion of wealth (minimum amount) that a person owns that requires to pay zakat. If a person possesses this nisab for a complete lunar year, the poor now owns this portion and the possessor is obliged to give zakat.

Rates updated from GoldBroker at Feb, 7th 2024

Silver (612.36 g)

Price/g: CAD 0.9825
Nisab: CAD 602

Gold (87.48 g)

Price/g: CAD 88.3572
Nisab: CAD 7729