Mission & Vision


SHC operates its projects with full transparency by fulfilling commitments and responsibilities and holding ourselves accountable for donations entrusted to us. SHC strongly believes in teamwork. Our Services include Food Baskets & Survival Kits: SHC recognizes the importance of mental health, especially since the implementation of social distancing measures. 

We’ve launched our breakfast program to support students across community public school. This program helps youth thrive, be healthy, and feel inclined to work towards a better future. Our food basket program caters to visible minorities and people from low-income backgrounds, by providing them with culturally specific food solutions (for example, halal meals). In addition, SHC actively runs food drives. We ensure food reaches every person in need. 

Food is delivered regularly to individuals lacking resources to pick up their food supply. Standing Against Domestic Violence & Abuse. The unfortunate reality for many innocent and vulnerable people is domestic violence and abusive situations at home. SHC stands against all forms of abuse. We have taken the initiative and time to provide abuse victims with daily shelters, counselling services, and essential needs. Above all, SHC believes in actively providing our support in enabling abuse victims to get back on their feet and step into the world with dignity to secure their futures. SHC selects the target group(s) that best aligns with our organization’s primary activities. We strive to achieve a value-system that leaves no one behind.


SacredHand Canada believes in a charitable model that includes obtaining the right aid, delivered to the right people, at the right time. Our vision is guided by Muslim principles of charity (Zakat), Benevolence (Sadaqah), and Love. We strive to achieve a value system that leaves no one behind.


Utilizing excellent standards and processing methods to source and deliver the highest quality aid at all times.


Contribute to the reduction and alleviation of poverty at home in Canada and across the globe.


Within our full capacity, promote access to nutritional provisions and essential services
for any person in need, particularly those deemed most vulnerable.


Deliver culturally sensitive and relevant provisional items by placing ourselves in the shoes of our beneficiaries and learning about their individual and respective lives, needs, and goals


SacredHand Canada is driven by a value system that leads our approach in fulfilling beneficiary needs while working closely with our donors, community partners, & volunteer grid.


Always seeing hunger through the eyes of kindness, care, and empathy; using our front line experience and insight to address systemic issues behind the cause and work towards collective solutions.


Operating with full transparency; fulfilling commitments and responsibilities; holding ourselves accountable for creating an impact and achieving organizational goals by using the resources and donations entrusted to us.


Constantly assuming the position of a team effort and realizing that more can be accomplished with collaborative work and shared goals.


Thanks to the support of Canadian donors like you, SacredHand Canada has been able to deliver exceptional grassroots results to families who are struggling to meet their basic needs. We are proud to have been able to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our beneficiaries, and we remain committed to continuing this work with your ongoing support. 

Because of your invaluable contribution, we have been able to provide essential emergency relief to those in dire need, as well as a sense of hope, unity, and compassion to those who are often overlooked. We are proud to have made a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals and families who are most vulnerable such as:

  • Single-family units 
  • Children 
  • People with Chronic illnesses 
  • Disadvantaged Youth 
  • Seniors 
  • People with Disabilities 
  • Low-income Communities 
  • Homeless Shelters 
  • Refugees and immigrant families 
  • People in Community Homes

Community Trends we’ve Spotlighted & Served

  • Women and children dealing with gender-based violence 
  • People living in the midst of household family violence 
  • Families dealing with household food insecurity
  • Homeless populations in shelters and group homes 
  • Refugees, immigrants, and undocumented immigrants 
  • International students in need and crisis

Types of Communities Delivered to

  • Homeless populations
  •  Refugees, immigrants, and newcomers 
  • Senior and elderly population 
  • People living with disabilities 
  • Single-family units 
  • Low-income communities 
  • Majority Black, racialized communities 
  • Youth dealing with mental health issues & domestic violence
  • People living with long term illnesses (bedridden, mental health, seniors, physical disabilities, chronic illnesses)