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Funeral After Death Assistance

Exclusive Member Support for Dignified Farewells

In acknowledging the inescapable truth of mortality, SacredHand Canada extends a compassionate hand through our exclusive Funeral & After Death Assistance Program a dedicated member-only service designed to provide invaluable support during the challenging aftermath of losing a loved one. Understanding the financial strain associated with funerals in Canada, our program serves as a guiding light and a financial relief, lightening the burden that families may face during these difficult times.

Member-Exclusive Benefits:

  • Funeral Coverage of Up to CAD $15,000 Worldwide:
  • Exclusive coverage for funeral expenses, recognizing the financial strain associated with saying a dignified farewell.
  • One-Time CAD $5000 Family Support:
  • Immediate financial assistance exclusively for Funeral & After Death Assistance Program to alleviate initial burdens.
  • Dedicated Helpline for Bereavement Support:
  • A compassionate helpline offering emotional support during the challenging period of grieving.
  • Up to 1-Year Extended Financial Aid:
  • Subject to SHC policy approval, extended financial aid to assist members in the ongoing challenges they may face.
  • Legal Support and Referrals:
  • Exclusive legal guidance and referrals to navigate legal matters with clarity.
  • Banking and Insurance Guidance:
  • Tailored assistance for managing banking and insurance matters during the transitional period.
  • Government Office Assistance:
  • Exclusive facilitation of communication with government offices for streamlined documentation.
  • Will and Documentation support:
  • Personalized assistance in preparing and understanding wills and essential documentation.
  • Streamlined Administrative Help:
  • Exclusive administrative support, minimizing paperwork and logistical stress for the members.
  • Estate Management Assistance:
  • Tailored support for managing the deceased’s estate, providing guidance through a challenging period.


Supporting Dignified Farewells:

Funerals are undeniably expensive in Canada, and the financial burden can be overwhelming for families already grappling with loss. SacredHand Canada’s After Death Assistance Program is an exclusive member-only initiative, aiming to ease this burden by providing comprehensive support during a challenging time. Together, as a community, we ensure that our members receive the dignified farewells they deserve and the necessary support to navigate the intricate journey beyond.

Fee Structure:

One-Time Registration Fee:
$25 (per family)

Principal applicant:


Dependents under 25:
$25 (per child)

Dependents over 25:
$50 (per person)

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